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DEADLINE 3/13/2024

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211 बाल्डविन अपार्टमेंट

हम आपको इनके बारे में बताने के लिए उत्साहित हैं

एकदम नई किफ़ायती आवास इकाइयाँ! वे 211 बाल्डविन एवेन्यू में जर्नल स्क्वायर नेबरहुड में स्थित हैं, जो के निकट है

एनवाईसी और नेवार्क के लिए पथ ट्रेन लाइनें।


Affordable Workforce Income Housing Apartment  Details 

मासिक किराया 

इकाई का आकार 

यूनिट सुविधाएं 

परियोजना सुविधाएं 

स्टूडियो   $1,450

एक बीआर  $1,553

दो बीआर   $1,864

सेंट ऑडियो  391       वर्ग फुट

1 बीआर   633 - 778  वर्ग फुट

2 बीआर   959        वर्ग फुट

  • स्टेनलेस स्टील के उपकरण

  • माइक्रोवेव / स्टोव  

  • फ्रिज

  • धोने वाली और सुखाने वाली मशीन

  • चिकना - आधुनिक खत्म

  • गर्म बाथरूम के फर्श  

  • स्नान में कांच के दरवाजे  

  • संगमरमर का खपरा

  • अत्याधुनिक फिटनेस सेंटर 

  • निवासी लाउंज

  • पथ ट्रेन - चलने योग्य दूरी 

  • विभिन्न पारगमन लाइनें 

  • पालतू धो 

  • बाइक भंडारण

  • तितली एमएक्स वीडियो इंटरकॉम स्मार्ट एंट्री सिस्टम 

  • लिफ्ट।

This is an equal housing opportunity.


We pledge to the letter and spirit of U.S. Policy for achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the Nation.

We encourage and support an affirmative advertising and marketing program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.

About this project: 

At 121-125 Lake Street, (2) units have been set aside for applicants

whose combined household income meets the criteria for this affordable housing program. 

Units available:

(2) One Bedrooms



Utilities are not included.

Please read below income limits and click on RULES &  REGULATIONS button before

proceeding to the preliminary application at the end of this page.

Project Preference Offered to:

Jersey City Residents

at the time of application and processing.

In accordance with the agreement for this project

What are the income limits for this project ? 

This project has units that are available to“ WORKFORCE Income” qualified applicants whose combined household income, including assets, meet the criteria for this affordable housing project  “WORKFORCE Income” is defined as the total combined gross annual income for all members of a household whose total income is greater than 80% but does not exceed 120%, of the area median income for the Jersey City FMR Metro Area as defined by the US department of of Housing and Urban Development for 2023.

Applicants must fall between the two limits.


Income limits for WORKFORCE HOUSING 2023 are as follows: 

Income for a 1 person family must fall


$68,160 and $102,240


Income for a 2 person family must fall


$77,920  and $116,880

Income for a 3 person family must fall


$87,680 and $131,520 

Income for a 4 person family must fall


$97,360 and $146,040

See chart below for more info.

LAKE _edited.png

How do I know if I qualify for this project ?

 Click the below button and read the affordable housing rules and regulations before proceeding to the preliminary application. Supporting documents are NOT necessary at this time.

Minimum Credit Score and other restrictions may apply. 

*Read all Rules before you apply*



Where and when do I apply ?

 If you have read all the rules and regulations for this project please proceed to the below preliminary application. 

Supporting documents are NOT necessary at this time. 

You may apply for WORKFORCE housing today!

* A LOTTERY will Take Place After the Deadline *   

Preliminary applications will be processed after the Deadline.

DEADLINE 3/13/2024


Preliminary Application for WORKFORCE housing ONLY.

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