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Rules and Regulations 


These rules and regulations, income limits and rents are subject to change without notice.

At these properties, located in New Jersey, units have been set aside for moderate income-qualified applicants whose combined household income meets the criteria for this affordable housing program. All applicants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the program eligibility requirements and the information below before proceeding with their Lottery - preliminary application. PLEASE DO NOT SEND SUPPORTING DOCS WITH LOTTERY - PRELIMINARY APPLICATION. However, we strongly encourage serious applicants to begin gathering credentials and supporting documents listed below incase they are one of the first to be called from the lottery list. 

We pledge to the letter and spirit of U.S. Policy for achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the Nation. We encourage and support an affirmative advertising and marketing program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.

It is also unlawful to publish real estate advertisements which express any discrimination against persons protected by the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination N.J.S.A. 10:1 at seq.

It is unlawful to discriminate against persons protected by The New Jersey Fair Chance in Housing Act, N.J.S.A 46:8-52 to 64 (FCHA).

Eligibility Requirements 

Income Limits 

“ Income” is defined as the total combined gross annual income for all members of a household whose total income is greater than a certain % but does not exceed a certain %  of the area median income for the DCA Region 1 (that includes Bergen, Hudson, Passaic, and Sussex Counties), as adjusted for households of the same size, (“Qualified Tenants”) as determined under HUD HOME income guidelines for the Municipality." Income Guidelines for projects within the Municipality, NJ HUD Metro FMR Area as described in the chart below are the Percentages and Income Limits :

* Income Limits and Rents are subject to change with out notice.

See project landing page for specific income limits. 

Rent Rates 

The initial base rents shall be set based on " The 2023 Affordable Housing Regional Income Limits by Household Size” promulgated by the Affordable Housing Professionals of New Jersey (AHPNJ) in effect at the time of the approval of the Affirmative Marketing Plan by the governing agency.

Step 1

Some workforce units will require a lottery. Some workforce housing will not require a lottery. See individual property landing pages for first come first served or lottery details. All Low & Moderate income units will require a LOTTERY. For occupancy of the affordable units we are required to select residents using a LOTTERY. The lottery process will begin with applicants submitting preliminary applications during an open marketing period which will last 90 days. The applications will all be entered into a lottery drawing. The lottery functions as a means to randomize the order in which applicant households are selected to submit further information for income eligibility review and program eligibility review. The randomization process is meant to ensure fairness. The resulting randomized list of application numbers derived from the applicant list will serve as the lottery. The ranking of application numbers in the lottery list will determine the order in which applicants are selected for income eligibility review and program eligibility review. At this step in the process supporting documents are NOT required.

Step 2
After Lottery 
First Notifications 

Once the lottery is completed, Quetzal Consulting, the Administrative Agent, will begin the process of reaching out to prospective residents. Using the contact information they provided, applicants will be contacted according to their designated place on the waiting list. Upon making first contact, interested clients will be provided with an official application, detailed instructions and a list of required documents. 

Step 3
Time Allowed for Gathering Docs

After first contact is made, each applicant will be allowed 14 calendar days to return 100% completed and signed applications and all required supporting documents. Upon first review, if needed, the applicant will receive an additional 3 days time to submit supplemental documentation. Failure to do so will forfeit their application. IMPORTANT: All applicants are encouraged to begin gathering the following list of documents ahead of time incase they are called first on the lottery list.

Sample of
Required Docs 

Please note that not all applicants will have all types of income listed. Only those items which pertain to your household will be required.


When invited to drop off document sessions - please be prepared with 100% of all the below items from the checklist, plus official application forms & supplemental documents. A welcome package with an official application and forms will be sent to you with an invite to document drop off sessions when we reach you on the waiting list. 


The following documents will be required from

all income-earning members of the household over the age of 18:

  • The following are some of the items that maybe required for all income-earning members of the
    over the age of 18:

  • Copy of Credit Report proof of Credit Score ( obtain for free at

  • Section 8 Award Letter ( If applicable ) 

  • Photo I (Driver’s License, State ID or Passport)

  • Social Security Cards for All members of the household

  • Birth Certificates for all minors

  • Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree

  • Certified Form 1040 Tax Return for the last three years - or we accept Transcripts available for free here :  (

  • W2 for last three years 

  • Certified form 1099 for last three years - if self-employed - (

  • Copies of six (6) consecutive pay stubs for any employed household members

  • Copies of the last (6) months of Checking - banks statements

  • Copies of the last (3) months Savings bank statements

  • (6) months rental payment history provided in a form of rent receipt and/or letter verifying same

  • Landlord Reference Letter and Copy of Your Lease

  • Copies of the last 401 K Statements

  • (6) Months of IRA Statements 

  • Copies of any Mutual Funds, Stocks, CDS or assets

  • Copy of Life Insurance Policy if it is a Whole Life Policy

  • Income State for the past year including a state of assets and liabilities and gains from sale or disposition of property (households with less than $5000 in asset value may provide an notarized certification instead)

The following may also be required.

Be prepared with Application Fee for Background / Credit Check (Fee required - only if you meet the affordable housing criteria for the Apartment) 

If a household member(s) received any of the following subsidies, we will require three (3) months of the following:

  • Alimony payment records

  • Annuity payment records

  • Armed Forces Reserves payment records

  • Child Support payment records

  • Disability insurance payment records

  • Pension payment records

  • Public assistance payment records

  • Welfare assistance payment records

  • Worker’s compensation payment records

  • All Social Security & or SSI Records

  • Unemployment payment documents


  • Proof of Credit Score required by Landlord as part of property owner's Tenant Section Plan 

Step 4
Review Process   

Once the completed and signed official application has been received along with 100% of all supporting documents, Quetzal Consulting, the Administrative Agent, will begin the process of reviewing the complete file. Complete files will also be shared with the overseeing agency, Municipality - Division of Affordable Housing and the property Owner / Developer / Housing Provider. 

Step 5


Upon review of your official application and documents, Quetzal Consulting LLC will respond to applicants with their eligibility determination. If you are approved as an income qualified household  a conditional offer for housing at the project location will be presented. After a conditional offer of housing has been extended to the applicant, the Owner/ Developer /Housing Provider will abide by New Jersey’s Fair Chance in Housing Act, N.J.S.A. 46:8-52 to 64 (FCHA) by providing a copy of the Fair Chance in Housing Disclosure Statement. Upon the applicant accepting the conditional housing offer and executing the Fair Chance in Housing Disclosure Statement, the Owner/ Developer /Housing Provider will require a background check. Please note the following:


“The New Jersey Fair Chance in Housing Act, N.J.S.A 46:8-52 to 64 (FCHA) limits a housing provider’s ability to consider a person’s criminal history in deciding whether to extend an offer or whether to rent a home after extending an offer. Before making a conditional offer of housing, Owner/ Developer /Housing Provider, may consider only whether an applicant has a conviction for the manufacture or production of methamphetamine on the premises of a federally assisted housing, or whether an applicant has a lifetime registration requirement under a State sex offender registration program. The Owner/ Developer /Housing Provider, will not consider, or request from an applicant or any other person or entity, any other information about an applicant’s criminal history as part of the application process until and unless a conditional offer of housing has been made. After extending a conditional offer of housing, Owner/ Developer /Housing Provider, intends to review and consider an applicant’s criminal record in determining whether to rent a home, in accordance with the FCHA and its accompanying rules.”


(For more info.  on the FCHA, visit this link: ).

At this stage the Owner/ Developer /Housing Provider will request the following from the applicant:


  • An application fee  

  • A recent credit report

  • A background check 

  • A security deposit 

  • A pet fee if applicable 

  • A parking fee if applicable

Additional Information  

Please ensure that the preliminary application is filled out in its entirety. Incomplete, unsigned or applications received after the deadline will be rejected without further notification. Filling out the application does not guarantee you will be selected for an affordable housing unit. It also does not guarantee that each household will find the housing affordable.  

The project is owned by the Owner/ Developer /Housing Provider and is not a direct development of Quetzal Consulting LLC. Quetzal Consulting LLC is the Administrative Agent for the Owner/ Developer /Housing Provider. Quetzal Consulting will be conducting the preliminary application review, lottery and will conduct the household, income and asset review for all applicants selected in the random lottery drawing. 


Furthermore, this affordable housing program is subject to the affordable housing restrictions of the Municipality’s Division of Affordable Housing and zoning ordinance for this project.  Quetzal Consulting LLC does not control application fees, pet fees or any other fees associated with the final application. 

NOTE: Preliminary Applications do NOT require supporting documents, but we strongly encourage all serious applicants to prepare accordingly by beginning to gather their credentials as soon as possible incase they are one of the first few applicants to be contacted after the random Lottery process is complete. 

For more information please call 551-777-9955. 

Step by Step Process 

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