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Affordable Housing Consultant Administrative Agent 

All our services are designed to provide you with peace of mind & positive outcomes at an affordable price.

With over 20 years of affordable housing certification & marketing experience, Quetzal has nurtured a strong network including developers, non-profits, community based groups and government agencies in North East, NJ. In Newark, Bayonne, Jersey City, and Hudson County, we have worked hand in hand with various businesses & municipal officials in an effort to facilitate the process of marketing and providing the community with affordable housing units for rent and for purchase. We are trained in HUD Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing practices and enjoy sharing our wealth of knowledge with our clients. At Quetzal, we aim to provide developers with all the necessary tools to comply with grant policies & procedures in order to maintain a good standing with:


  • Auditors

  • Government agencies 

  • Investors 

Our award winning team of artists and writers are also prepared to assist you with all your marketing needs. 

In essence, Quetzal, helps protect your investments

by taking you under our wing.

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